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4 Stars - 6 Reviews
Clean, inexpensive, convenient location and easy drive up access
Horacio Zavala
May 11, 2023
My aunt has had a unit here for many years. She had stopped coming by herself due to the deterioration of the facility. A lot of people were just hanging out all day every day and it was hard to access unit due to people working on their vehicles and blocking the lanes so you could not drive thru. There were people sleeping in their cars surrounding the property and it just felt unsafe. The new manager has replaced the fencing, replaced old motion sensor lights with LED on all night, and evicted all the tweakers that were ruining this place for the rest of us. Rates did not go up in her hallway unit so it is still least expensive facility in town. Thank you for turning this place back into a safe environment.
Warning. New manager Gonzalo !
Sandy Barton
February 18, 2023
I rented from mini u for years but gave up my unit as soon as this new manager came on. He is a control freak and will walk right into your unit trying to catch you at something. Has kicked out half of the people for no reason other then he didn’t like them. . He loves to argue and thinks he is better then everyone. Avoid at all cost!
cheapest place in town!
January 6, 2023
I have been renting there for years now and have nothing negative to say. They recently got a new manager and he seems quite capable. They have revamped the grounds and security for the better. I for one will continue to utilize their service and storage there as they are reliable have great hours and very easy access.
Reply from Manager on January 6, 2023
Thank you Katherine. We are hoping to continue to improve the property. We are very pleased with our new manager Gonzalo and think he's doing a great job! Thanks for the nice review.
Horrible treatment by manager
Thomas B Valdez
September 11, 2020
I was treated very bad and disrespectful by the so called manager and last night and has left me in a very bad place in my head. Where does the manager get her courage from. To talk us like we are bothering her or in the way...hell I pay a hefty price for my unit. And this low life person that calls herself the manager doesn't belong there as manager or even someone just passing through. Other than that the place is perfect and I would recommend it to everyone.
christopher zierer
April 30, 2019
Very nice customer service, i was put on the waiting list. Waiting patiently... Christopher....
Summer Real
March 16, 2017
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